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You know that Windows key on your keyboard? Most people overlook it, but that's a mistake.

One press is the same as clicking the Start button with your mouse. And pressing it in concert with other keys can save you from having to reach for the mouse at all. Here are three Windows-key shortcuts you should memorize immediately:
  • Windows-D - Minimizes all open windows so you can see the desktop. A second tap restores them.
  • Windows-E - Opens Windows Explorer (the file-management tool, not the browser). This is much quicker than right-clicking the Start button and then Explore, or trying to find Explorer in the Start menu.
  • Windows-F - Launches Windows' search tool (remember "F" for "find").
What's your favorite shortcut?

I'm an Alt-Tab man, myself, but I use Windows-D and Windows-E pretty regularly.


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