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General Notes On Increasing Wireless Range

10 tips for improving your wireless network (from Microsoft)

Next generation Ethernet products will be available by 2010

10 Commandments of Wireless Communications

Wireless Router Problems And How To Solve Them

RAD University Tutorials - Tutorials for Telecommunications, Data Communications and Computer Networking

Protecting Your Network from Home Wireless Hackers - With the increasing sophistication and ease with which hackers attack, IT managers must train their end users on wireless security, specifying wireless router hardware and configuration settings, and in some cases, providing firewall/VPN endpoint appliances for key employees' in-home use. This white paper covers eight essential tips for nailing down security for off-site wireless users. Share it with your remote users today to help them work from home safely. Call Carl if you need help in setting up your router, or test its security.

Network Security: Anti-Virus Do's and Don'ts





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